get rid of blackheads Revitalized repairing cream mask 150ml

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Revitalized repairing cream mask

Sake Yeast/Shea Butter/Hyaluronic Acid/

Bulgaria Rose Essence/Aloe Extract

/Olea Europaea

• Deep nourish skin and smooth fine lines.

• Moisturizing and recruit skin hydration. 

Super-moisturizing mud that will not get rid of the face

 (will not produce wrinkles during your use), 

super-moisturizing while removing dirt from the pores

Moisturizing mask can be used both eyes and lips, 

a bottle solution

Dry, allergic, aging, complexion skin type 

Suitable for use

Very long-lasting protective face film

Super dry skin, effective protective surface membrane

Eyebrows, lips also can use facial mask

Super strong repair skincare ability anti aging facet membrane

the mask can stay in your face about two hours

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